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Douglas Svenson's Journal

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Thursday, May 1st, 2003
9:32 pm - so i figured..
it was about time for all of you out there in the e-world 2 see what I,
Douglas J. Svenson of Tulsa Oaklahoma,
looked like...so here I am!

thats my secratery Ashlee next to me. when that picture was taken
We were supposed 2 be "attending" a seminar on orthodontics at the Hilton there..
buuuuuut we were having to much fun checking out hot peurto rican boys lmao!
well its getting late... i must wash up and head to bed!

goodnight all!

current mood: sara lee mmm

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9:12 pm
wow, i TOTALLY forgot all about this journal..omg!
i feel like i need to update this more often, but i never know what to
talk about!
maybe i should talk about my love life... hmm i think i will....hmmm



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Friday, January 10th, 2003
8:56 pm
HA! well would you get this...

me... a lobster... with crabs!?

how preposterous!

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002
1:10 am
im sorry i havent updated in a while.
im sorry friends! lol!
i just dont know what to talk about!

i havent been having much sex lately.
ever since my dad died, ive been kinda shitty. NO PUN INTENDED! LOL!

i need to get aol instant messanger or something.
there are some cyoot bois on here i should try to talk to.

well anyways, its tae-bo time.

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Monday, September 30th, 2002
1:19 am
hi all.
my dad died last night. my mom called me from maine.
he got tangled in a net off the shores by my old house.
this cant be. my dad..... the most indestructable crustation of
the north-east four years in a row.... now dead!?

they have to be joking with me.
i mean shit he even survived the red tide of 87! lol!

i dont know if i should belive her, or not. shes always been
a cruel bitch to me. but whatever. will and grace is on.

much plur,

current mood: contemplative

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Sunday, September 15th, 2002
4:56 pm
i guess i havent been keeping my promise you guys.
im really sorry. ive just been way too distracted by my new roommate's wang.
i mean... dear lord! lol! i never knew he made them THAT way! lmao!


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Sunday, September 8th, 2002
wow this is quite odd! i haven't updated this thing in AGES!
well hopefully i will be able to now, seeing as though
i lost my job as a dentist last week. :(

i guess tulsa doesnt take too kindly to a gay people,
let alone a crustacean with a phd. what-2-do... what-2-do.

i'll probably be spending a lot more time
on the computer now that im unemployed.
im not even worried about my financial state at the moment
because i am filthy rich! (seeing as how i was a dentist and all)

hey here is a random idea.. if you are reading this

WELL I MUST BE GOING.. opps! tee-hee silly cap lock.
there is a special on the oxygen channel about eve.
that grrl can kick some serious rap ass!! lol! ciao!

douglas <3

current mood: relieved

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Saturday, August 17th, 2002
2:19 pm
this really cute ups boi
came into my office today
to deliver some "tools"

i got my share of his ;)

current mood: satisfied

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
5:29 pm
im back and not kidnapped again.
thank to no one for their help.


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Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
2:58 pm
help me. ive been kidnapped!
the birds outside wont shut the fuck up!


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Sunday, July 28th, 2002
6:11 pm - ::giggle::

Im back from my stay in chicago! "how was it?" you ask? LOL! IT WAS AMAZING I DIDNT WANT TO COME BACK! LOL! but alas, i had to, this is where "home" is and my job, so the fun had to end some time.

im not going to go into full detail about my whole trip k, but lets just say. my "experieance" in chicago has "opened my eyes" lol! and the bois? OMFG! LOL! they are so CYOOT! oh me oh my.

way too many cocks for one little lobster to handle. but now im back to reality. "lé sigh". i need to go re-wrap my anus now with this ace bandage here, cause yea. then its off to bed with me. ill probably write more in this now that im back, goodbye until next time k?

douglas "the wrench" svenson

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Sunday, July 7th, 2002
10:10 pm
hello sir!

so todays business meeteing wasn't actaully a meeting after all! it was just a room full of ass fucking! lol! i was a little shy at first but once i saw the "members" of the commity, i jumped right in and yumed everything up! lol! oh me oh my. what a day what a day. well, i leave back for tulsa the day after tomarrow *sigh*. tomarrow i go site seeing in the windy city. goodnight all.

much love,

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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
10:25 pm
ps: im still in chigaco ;)

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10:19 pm - the worst day ever!
hello fellow homo-enthusiasts!

ok. today was by far the worst day ever!! lol! first off my lobster flight to chicago got canceled so i had to sit next to a really hairy, fat arabian guy who smelled like curdled goat milk. GROSS! LOL! after waiting for about an hour, i got up on my little lobster legs, and scurried around on my little lobster feet to the different "shops" of the airport. i went into one store ironically named "Little Gay Things for Little Gay Things". there i found a cute little notepad that had a little kitten on a wire saying "hang in there". it was absolutly adorable. so i stole it.

i looked at my little lobster watch and noticed it was time for my flight. so in a panic, i hurried to the terminal and just barely got on the plane. WHEW! THAT WAS CLOSE! LOL! i found my seat, "k-9" (how ironic), and even more ironically, guess who was parked in the seat next to me?! THAT FAT FUCKIN ARABIAN GUY! LOL! boy did he smell! but i just bit my lip and used my little lobster arms to pull myself onto the seat.

he looked over at me and smiled and asked me if i was going to chicago.
i smiled back and nodded. he chuckled. i farted.

so.. blah blah blah. time passes and i notice that this very fat man's cock is sticking out of his fly. i cant help but laugh cause its so weird looking. looks like a piece of macaroni! lol! so, i "coughed" and told him that his johnson was just hanging there, and he looked down and smiled and didnt say a word and went back to his faggy little arabian cross-word puzzle. so i put my little lobster headphones back on my little lobster ears and continued to rock out to my melissa ethridge tape. THAT BITCH CAN REALLY ROCK'n'ROLL! LOL!

i finnaly get to chicago's o'hare international airport and get off the plane hoping to see a sign for a "Dr. D. Svenson DDS" but i didnt see any. i looked harder with my little lobster eyes and STILL didnt see a thing. so i went to baggage claim and asked a airport person or whatever they are called if they could help my find my limo. they kindly escorted me (by putting my little lobster carcass on their shoulder) to the pick up bay where i found a 1987 mitsubishi van with its door open waiting for my arival.


this was the worst day ever.

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Friday, July 5th, 2002
5:55 pm
hi. im new to this all. the internet is a scary think lol!
i suppose that whoever reads my journal is somewhat interested in my life.
your probably wondering a few things right now. probably things like:

•"Whats the life of a gay lobster like?"
•"How can he do it?"
•"Why is he living in tulsa ok,
where there are no beaches or whatever?"
•"Whats his sign?"

hehehe. these are all questions that can even boggle the smartest rocket scientist or whatever
but unfortunatly can only be answered with time.
so just bear with me k? lol.
i really hope to make some friends here and maybe have a little fun. ;)

well i must go now. i have an asshole to atend to.

-douglas the lobster

current mood: determined

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